FatherAnjudas (1:13:36 AM): o-o
Lady Sabes (1:14:00 AM): Any number of people could IM me with that emoticon.
FatherAnjudas (1:14:17 AM): rofl
FatherAnjudas (1:14:17 AM): (x
Lady Sabes (1:14:49 AM): I see.
FatherAnjudas (1:14:57 AM): But how many of them have you directly flame baited on teh AssSpark in Iacon? :P
Lady Sabes (1:15:24 AM): Considering no admin said anything to me, I would consider it fair game.
Lady Sabes (1:15:28 AM): State your business.
FatherAnjudas (1:15:46 AM): And how many of them have not once attempted to do so back after the 1 mistake they made towards you, yet you seem to view that as grounds to more or less constantly attack them...
Lady Sabes (1:16:07 AM): Constantly?
FatherAnjudas (1:16:12 AM): Don't know what your game is, but I have not once been playing any with you.
FatherAnjudas (1:16:18 AM): *cough*
FatherAnjudas (1:16:22 AM): "more or less"
Lady Sabes (1:16:22 AM): I never claimed you were.
FatherAnjudas (1:16:29 AM): Note the clause.
FatherAnjudas (1:16:33 AM): Heh.
FatherAnjudas (1:16:38 AM): You behave as though I am.
FatherAnjudas (1:17:16 AM): I just wanna know why you peg me out as a target (other than the obvious part of I'm easy) and why you saw it as you should flame bait me...
FatherAnjudas (1:17:36 AM): Basically: What do you have against me?
FatherAnjudas (1:18:06 AM): And, if it has ANYTHING to do with "that time of month" being any part of the reason... I can only say to you "grow up." >_>;
Lady Sabes (1:18:24 AM): You little shit. I would never use that cheap, lameass excuse.
Lady Sabes (1:18:28 AM): That is insulting.
FatherAnjudas (1:18:42 AM): O_o
FatherAnjudas (1:18:47 AM): It has been used on me before.
FatherAnjudas (1:18:56 AM): In no way was I directly specifying you...
Lady Sabes (1:19:02 AM): I do not hide behind easily prevented hormonal balances to explain my behavior.
FatherAnjudas (1:19:16 AM): Ok.
FatherAnjudas (1:19:22 AM): Get over it.
FatherAnjudas (1:19:28 AM): Well, no...
FatherAnjudas (1:19:32 AM): I can't say that.
FatherAnjudas (1:19:37 AM): I'd react the same myself.
FatherAnjudas (1:19:46 AM): So I retract my statement of "get over it." >_>;
FatherAnjudas (1:20:01 AM): ANYways...
FatherAnjudas (1:20:01 AM): Why?
Lady Sabes (1:20:07 AM): Flat out, you annoy me.  I feel your presence lowers the quality of the Art Gallery community. Your off-base replies to posts more often than not derail the threads they are posted in, and have no real constructive value.
FatherAnjudas (1:20:30 AM): O_o
FatherAnjudas (1:20:32 AM): Heh.
FatherAnjudas (1:20:38 AM): Yeah...
FatherAnjudas (1:20:41 AM): Wait, no.
Lady Sabes (1:20:41 AM): Considering not much had been said for the past week, I had thought the matter concluded, and that we could at least function by avoiding each other.
FatherAnjudas (1:20:47 AM): They don't often derail them.
Lady Sabes (1:20:57 AM): Until I was IMd by you off-forum.
FatherAnjudas (1:21:13 AM): People often ignore me because of them. O_o
FatherAnjudas (1:21:15 AM): Heh.
FatherAnjudas (1:21:22 AM): It's been bothering me for some time.
FatherAnjudas (1:21:39 AM): I've had you on my AIM list for the past 2 or so days...
Lady Sabes (1:21:42 AM): Stalking? Lovely.
FatherAnjudas (1:21:49 AM): Just been lazy and in screwy moods and all myself. ;x
FatherAnjudas (1:21:51 AM): O_o
FatherAnjudas (1:21:54 AM): rofl
FatherAnjudas (1:21:54 AM): x)
FatherAnjudas (1:22:01 AM): Stalking...
Lady Sabes (1:22:00 AM): You should have first attempted to contact me by PM.
FatherAnjudas (1:22:05 AM): Adding you to an IM thingy...
FatherAnjudas (1:22:13 AM): o.o
FatherAnjudas (1:22:17 AM): Failure.
Lady Sabes (1:22:17 AM): You did not exhaust all of your Allspark-side options.
FatherAnjudas (1:22:30 AM): I know.
FatherAnjudas (1:22:38 AM): And there was only 1.
Lady Sabes (1:22:38 AM): I never received one from you; I do not have anyone on block.
FatherAnjudas (1:22:42 AM): *Shrugs.*
FatherAnjudas (1:22:50 AM): You can easily delete me off of your list...
FatherAnjudas (1:23:03 AM): Heh.
FatherAnjudas (1:23:21 AM): I know I don't cause you to be this way...
Lady Sabes (1:23:26 AM): Oh yes, yes you do.
FatherAnjudas (1:23:27 AM): Lame-ass excuse.
FatherAnjudas (1:23:37 AM): Nope.
FatherAnjudas (1:23:47 AM): Sounds more like your own issues...
FatherAnjudas (1:24:07 AM): You want me to be the reason you behave like this AND feel like shit...?
Lady Sabes (1:24:08 AM): And yet, here you are still IMing me.
FatherAnjudas (1:24:11 AM): Keep at it...
FatherAnjudas (1:24:17 AM): So?
FatherAnjudas (1:24:22 AM): I don't care. x)
FatherAnjudas (1:24:30 AM): I do this without thinking...
FatherAnjudas (1:24:34 AM): Of any kind.
FatherAnjudas (1:24:34 AM): :P
Lady Sabes (1:24:33 AM): It shows.
FatherAnjudas (1:24:44 AM): It happens so often that it's all automatic...
FatherAnjudas (1:24:54 AM): I have perfected being a nusance...
FatherAnjudas (1:25:01 AM): More so than you realize.
FatherAnjudas (1:25:06 AM): FAR more so...
Lady Sabes (1:25:06 AM): I'm not disagreeing in the least.
FatherAnjudas (1:25:16 AM): I know.
FatherAnjudas (1:25:21 AM): All I'm saying is cool down...
Lady Sabes (1:25:24 AM): And I am not swayed to feel any sympathy either.
Lady Sabes (1:25:31 AM): I've been fine the entire time.
FatherAnjudas (1:25:46 AM): Or you're gonna find out why I am the most despised person in the entire TransFandom. ;x
FatherAnjudas (1:25:52 AM): O_o
Lady Sabes (1:25:53 AM): It's worth a bit of entertainment at the least.
FatherAnjudas (1:25:55 AM): Sympathy...?
FatherAnjudas (1:26:00 AM): Who the FUCK wa-...
FatherAnjudas (1:26:00 AM): Oh, right.
Lady Sabes (1:25:59 AM): Ah, is that so? Fantastic.
FatherAnjudas (1:26:07 AM): There are people who want that false care.
FatherAnjudas (1:26:29 AM): All I want is total, absolute, brutal and brunt honesty.
FatherAnjudas (1:26:39 AM): ... Which is why I am oddly attracted to you. O_o
Lady Sabes (1:26:49 AM): You've received it the entire time from me.  And yet have reacted poorly when you received it.
FatherAnjudas (1:27:25 AM): Would never pursue you... Luckily, even if I wanted to, I already have someone heavily into me who I return such feelings of and then some.
FatherAnjudas (1:27:37 AM): Heh.
FatherAnjudas (1:27:45 AM): Reacting poorly or not...
FatherAnjudas (1:27:48 AM): At least I have reacted AS ME.
Lady Sabes (1:27:54 AM): No. I am to be admired from afar, and never touched.
FatherAnjudas (1:27:57 AM): "To thine ownself, be true."
FatherAnjudas (1:28:04 AM): Heh.
FatherAnjudas (1:28:19 AM): I don't admire you...
FatherAnjudas (1:28:29 AM): My superiority complex tells me I am above you. o_o;
Lady Sabes (1:28:33 AM): Thank goodness.
FatherAnjudas (1:28:40 AM): Entertainment to you or not...
Lady Sabes (1:28:51 AM): You should get on with your superior existance, then, and quit wasting time with the plebes.
FatherAnjudas (1:28:56 AM): The fact remains you still have a weakness in regards to me.
FatherAnjudas (1:29:14 AM): Your claim of a rather automatic need to lash out at me...
FatherAnjudas (1:29:43 AM): Where as you have nothing at all on me to possibly TRULY irk me.
FatherAnjudas (1:29:58 AM): More over, if your claims are true and you ARE female...
FatherAnjudas (1:30:11 AM): I have far more tolerance towards you.
FatherAnjudas (1:30:14 AM): x)
FatherAnjudas (1:30:14 AM): And why...?
FatherAnjudas (1:30:33 AM): Because I view females as superior to males in all ways, shapes and forms. >>
Lady Sabes (1:33:27 AM): Favortism towards is as bad as bias against. 
FatherAnjudas (1:33:41 AM): O_o
FatherAnjudas (1:33:46 AM): Rofl
FatherAnjudas (1:33:48 AM): Nah...
FatherAnjudas (1:34:03 AM): That's called "Males have backstabbed me all of my life." x)
FatherAnjudas (1:34:17 AM): I have had to learn what an actual "good guy" is. ;x
Lady Sabes (1:34:16 AM): Humans by nature are opportunistic.
FatherAnjudas (1:34:48 AM): Which is why I apologized to Wingus... Many times.
FatherAnjudas (1:34:57 AM): And I don't freely toss my apologies about.
FatherAnjudas (1:35:09 AM): In fact, I barely ever apologize because they are said so damn often.
Lady Sabes (1:35:14 AM): One never should.
FatherAnjudas (1:35:29 AM): The most said saying in the world is "I'm sorry."
FatherAnjudas (1:35:34 AM): It is GREATLY oversaid...
Lady Sabes (1:35:36 AM): It is.,
FatherAnjudas (1:35:43 AM): Heh.
FatherAnjudas (1:35:46 AM): Yep...
FatherAnjudas (1:35:57 AM): You know what I don't much like about public boards...?
FatherAnjudas (1:36:01 AM): I'm muted.
FatherAnjudas (1:36:12 AM): Can't be as open as I otherwise am/would be...
FatherAnjudas (1:36:37 AM): *Shrugs.*
FatherAnjudas (1:37:10 AM): I've dealt with a great deal of my issues... Which is why not much bothers me now. And why I can more freely speak of what has happened to me and even laugh at it...
FatherAnjudas (1:37:17 AM): I don't want sympathy...
FatherAnjudas (1:37:19 AM): Never have.
FatherAnjudas (1:37:34 AM): Just want to get to the root of my problems in the hopes of solving it.
FatherAnjudas (1:38:05 AM): Heh. Further things to add to why and how I see myself as superior to most people... ;x
FatherAnjudas (1:38:35 AM): ... If not everyone. >>
FatherAnjudas (1:38:57 AM): No drugs (prescription or otherwise), alcohol, etc. have aided me in this venture, either.
FatherAnjudas (1:39:05 AM): If anything, doing them only hindered me...
FatherAnjudas (1:39:50 AM): So now I see them only as a false escape from one's reality.
FatherAnjudas (1:40:09 AM): A way to more or less wait out their eventual death...
FatherAnjudas (1:40:17 AM): *Shrugs.*
FatherAnjudas (1:40:28 AM): I view them as weak.
FatherAnjudas (1:40:28 AM): >_>;
FatherAnjudas (1:40:42 AM): They depend too much upon that...
FatherAnjudas (1:41:02 AM): Depending upon someone is no better, though.
FatherAnjudas (1:41:02 AM): Heh.
FatherAnjudas (1:42:07 AM): If you didn't have such a hate on for me (I know it's not "hate" per se, but bear with me here and such generalized terms), I could see us becoming very good friends. O_o
FatherAnjudas (1:42:25 AM): *Shrugs.*
FatherAnjudas (1:42:28 AM): Ah well...
FatherAnjudas (1:42:33 AM): Your choice, really.
FatherAnjudas (1:42:46 AM): I'm only far more reactive to what I am presented. 8)
FatherAnjudas (1:43:43 AM): You're more entertainment for me than you realize...
FatherAnjudas (1:44:24 AM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-_Hcb4NPTs
FatherAnjudas (1:44:31 AM): Heh.
FatherAnjudas (1:44:36 AM): I rant. x)
FatherAnjudas (1:45:19 AM): *Waits as you do NOT click that link and do NOT watch that video and do NOT respond in here anymore.* :P
FatherAnjudas (1:45:32 AM): Humans are by nature extremely predictable...
FatherAnjudas (1:46:03 AM): My reactions to different things are predictable, outside of my mood(s) suddenly taking a dive wherever they want to, that is.
FatherAnjudas (1:46:16 AM): Humanity overall is very easy for me to toy with...
FatherAnjudas (1:46:26 AM): I've spoken to people like you before.
FatherAnjudas (1:46:32 AM): Heard it all before...
FatherAnjudas (1:47:05 AM): And only about 1 to 3 of them did I say I could tell had much more in them.
FatherAnjudas (1:47:12 AM): A great person and so forth...
FatherAnjudas (1:47:38 AM): But, due to their surface presentation, I just continued to be a pest and a nusance to them.
FatherAnjudas (1:47:47 AM): Don't read anything I type all you want...
FatherAnjudas (1:47:54 AM): It makes no difference to me.
FatherAnjudas (1:48:09 AM): I like wasting time, typing things, not really thinking... ^_^
FatherAnjudas (1:48:29 AM): Annoying idiots who are too stupid and afraid and weakto realize to just be themselves...
FatherAnjudas (1:48:36 AM): and weak to*
FatherAnjudas (1:48:50 AM): However much intelligence you may have...
FatherAnjudas (1:49:05 AM): That amounts to NOTHING when you give into negativity.
FatherAnjudas (1:49:30 AM): When you see me and deem me as some form of target for HATE...
FatherAnjudas (1:49:50 AM): You're nothing more than a pathetic, weak, afraid human.
FatherAnjudas (1:49:57 AM): A rag doll for me to toss about...
FatherAnjudas (1:50:18 AM): Remember that whatever you get out of me with your negativity and all is only surface matter.
FatherAnjudas (1:50:35 AM): At any point and time should I appear weak, frail and kind...
FatherAnjudas (1:50:41 AM): THAT is when you are seeing the real me.
FatherAnjudas (1:50:59 AM): Until you see that, have fun with the what I am...
FatherAnjudas (1:51:14 AM): Never forget that WHAT a person is does not mean that is WHO they are...
FatherAnjudas (1:51:32 AM): You have not once seen ME. You are basing it all off of some surface scratch...
FatherAnjudas (1:51:47 AM): A reactive thing...
FatherAnjudas (1:52:02 AM): Charged with ideals, views, feelings of superiority, etc...
FatherAnjudas (1:52:14 AM): Then again, at least I do know what WHO I am is like.
FatherAnjudas (1:52:23 AM): At least I have seen my own ACTUAL self...
FatherAnjudas (1:52:27 AM): And I like them.
FatherAnjudas (1:52:35 AM): And I want to be like them all the time...
FatherAnjudas (1:52:56 AM): Though I do also like this aspect of using you humans like toys.
FatherAnjudas (1:53:03 AM): Pawns in my own little games...
FatherAnjudas (1:53:04 AM): Hn.
FatherAnjudas (1:54:25 AM): My games of no purpose other than to attempt to teach you little weak worms how to actually have some real sense in your severely lacking heads...
FatherAnjudas (1:54:47 AM): How to get you to realize how much all you are doing is passing your own self loathing and issues and all onto others.
FatherAnjudas (1:55:43 AM): And also to hopefully get it to dawn in your so self focused brains that nothing you say or do ACTUALLY efefcts me, DESPITE how I react to it...
FatherAnjudas (1:55:44 AM): Heh.
FatherAnjudas (1:56:07 AM): You can rant at me all superior you bloody want...
FatherAnjudas (1:56:09 AM): But you aren't.
FatherAnjudas (1:56:16 AM): You're far from it, in fact...
FatherAnjudas (1:56:23 AM): FAR from it.
FatherAnjudas (1:56:37 AM): I'm not as much of an IDIOT as I appear to be.
FatherAnjudas (1:56:43 AM): That idiocy is learned...
FatherAnjudas (1:57:14 AM): Even through my superiority style wordings, all you see is an IDIOT.
FatherAnjudas (1:57:24 AM): And you REFUSE to accept the truth...
FatherAnjudas (1:57:28 AM): Because you're a human.
FatherAnjudas (1:57:31 AM): And afraid...
FatherAnjudas (1:57:37 AM): I see myself more as an animal.
FatherAnjudas (1:57:49 AM): Both far beneath humans and far above them...
FatherAnjudas (1:58:10 AM): Animals don't have the same CRAP going around in their heads that humans do.
FatherAnjudas (1:58:26 AM): They are far more true to themselves...
FatherAnjudas (1:58:55 AM): But they are also far more wild.
FatherAnjudas (1:59:06 AM): And, as much as a human can kill another human...
FatherAnjudas (1:59:22 AM): As much as they do so very animalistic things...
FatherAnjudas (1:59:26 AM): They are still not animals.
FatherAnjudas (1:59:53 AM): Because humans are so bloody impure...
FatherAnjudas (1:59:57 AM): Not saying that I am pure.
FatherAnjudas (2:00:03 AM): Far from it, in fact...
FatherAnjudas (2:00:17 AM): Just saying that I am more of an animal than any other human.
FatherAnjudas (2:00:25 AM): An animal with human issues...
FatherAnjudas (2:00:27 AM): HA!!
FatherAnjudas (2:00:34 AM): And I just realized I was rambling...
FatherAnjudas (2:01:05 AM): That's always an interesting sense when I realize I have just been typing things and my mind has been ENTIRELY somewhere else. x)
FatherAnjudas (2:01:11 AM): At any rate...
FatherAnjudas (2:01:20 AM): Don't ever think something is "dropped" with me.
FatherAnjudas (2:01:55 AM): Not after it is already OBVIOUSLY far dropped... And you come and say things, like, weeks later.
FatherAnjudas (2:02:40 AM): Just goes to show ME how much better I have gotten at behaving on a public forum...
FatherAnjudas (2:02:57 AM): Hell, I got moved to being a mod on another forum I frequent.
FatherAnjudas signed off at 2:18:44 AM.
FatherAnjudas is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
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